JinkoSolar claims 24.9% efficiency for n-type monocrystalline cell
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Chinese solar manufacturer JinkoSolar has achieved 24.9% conversion efficiency for a large-area, n-type, TOPCon, monocrystalline-silicon cell.

The result, which was confirmed by the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH), in Germany, improves on the company's previous record of 24.79%, achieved in July. “The record-breaking monocrystalline silicon solar cell was fabricated on a high quality, low defect CZ mono-Si substrate,” the company said in a statement. “Advanced diffusion with highly activated dopant, high-quality surface passivation, JinkoSolar highly conductive passivating contact technologies, and a series of innovative technologies and material upgrade[s] were integrated into the cell process,” the module maker said in a statement.

In January 2020, when the cell had, still, an efficiency of 24.2%, Jinko said its cell was based on its HOT design and featured tunnel-oxide passivating contact (TOPCon) technology. The cell features a 267.72cmmonocrystalline silicon substrate grown using the Czochralski method.

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