Trina launches 510 W black frame solar panel
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Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar has launched a new Vertex solar module with a power output of 510 W.

The new black frame module is part of the Vertex TSM-DE18M.08(II) series that, prior to the launch of this new product, offered panels with a power range of 480 to 505 W.

The module relies on PERC cells with a size of 210mm and features an efficiency of 21.2%. “The latest multi-busbar technology also ensures better light trapping, lower series resistance and improved current collection resulting in more uniform loads and better performance,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “An aesthetically versatile monochrome look and simpler product options means that 510 W Vertex modules will suit a variety of rooftops. Installers and distributors can stock, supply and use one universal product for their schemes.”

The new product has been designed for commercial rooftop projects and comes with a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. “Intense rounds of performance and quality testing have been undertaken with the modules exceeding the industry standard hail test (35mm) as well as snow and wind loads (6,000 Pa and 2,400 Pa respectively),” the module maker stated.

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