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Aluminium Solar Frame

Convenient for transportation and installation,  aluminum solar frame is used to fix and seal the solar modules, enhance the module strength and extend their service life. With perfect cutting, accurate positioning, highly accurate poring, and delicate tooling(as accurate as 0.02mm), each link of the production process is kept prominent and prudent. State-of-art technologies, exquisite processes and outstanding quality have all contributed to minting the classic brand of First Aluminum. Since our production capacity, accuracy and quality have taken the leading role in the industry with most products exported to first-tier manufacturers of solar modules in Southeast Asia and Europe, we’re widely recognized by top companies in the internal solar industry.  


Product Advantages

A .Rich industrial experience

With a decade of production experience to 2017,the company can produce solar frame to cater for 3GW modules. As a real industrial leader,we take up large share of the global market.

B.Complete quality management and control system

With a reliable quality management and control team in place, we have passed the ISO 9001 certification, as well as other performance tests both inside and outside the lab

C. Sophisticated equipment

We employ cutting-edge production equipment, including 15 automatic production lines and 32 artificial production lines, to effectively save the cost.The second generation of more advanced and intelligent automatic production line has been put into production

D. Excellent R&D strength

Able to design, research and develop new type of frame,Over 500 design patterns and over 20 independent design plans available in the database, Formulator of national standards for PV aluminum frame.


The main sizes include: 35mm, 40mm, 42mm,45mm, 50mm. We offer all kind sizes of solar panel frame according to customers’ requirements.


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