LONGi has shipped 50GW of its Hi-MO 5 module
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Since bringing the Hi-MO 5 module to market in mid-2020, LONGi has shipped nearly 100 million of these panels. The manufacturer released its next level version, the Hi-MO 6, in November, as its R&D team continues to break cell efficiency records.

The largest global solar module manufacturer LONGi announced that by the end of 2022, total shipments of its Hi-MO 5 module exceeded 50GW. Cumulatively, the shipments are now approaching 100 million panels.

The module was first released in June 2020, and is based on 182mm cells and gallium-doped, half-cell, crackless smart soldering technology. It received industry recognition, including awards from Intersolar as well as TÜV Rheinland for energy yield simulation.

According to industry sources, the market share for 182 modules saw a rapid increase during 2022, moving from 27% in 2021 to a current high of 70%.

LONGi’s latest module, the Hi-MO 6, was released in November and offers an increase in efficiency along with a range of other new features. The Artist line of the Hi-MO 6, which focuses on aesthetic features for architectural and design use, has already been featured in residential applications in Sweden.

Efficiency improvements stem from intensive R&D

The Hi-MO 5 milestone announcement closely followed the company’s latest efficiency breakthroughs. In December, its research institute achieved two new cell efficiency world records: 26.56% for a p-type HJT cell and 26.09% for an indium-free HJT cell. These were based on an M6 full-size mono-crystalline silicon wafer and its self-developed mass production process, with the results certified by Germany's Hamelin Solar Energy Research Institute (ISFH).

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